A word about sponsorship

We at Happy Babies strive to bring high quality educational programming to support parents in Seattle and to make it affordable for everyone. Because parenting is hard and we all could use a little input from a trusted resource now and then.

In order to do what we do, we rely on the generous support of businesses, health care providers, organizations, and individuals like you. Our educational drop-in group, table foods workshop, informative newsletter, and more are made possible because of you. We get to help parents because you help us.

Sponsorship opportunities

As an entity with an interest in supporting parents, we ask you to consider sponsoring our programming, as a way to grow your name recognition among an audience potentially in need of your product or service. Contact us using the form below to learn about ways you could sponsor Happy Babies.

Thank you in advance for making this parent support programming possible!

Current sponsors

...or consider donating!

Not to sound like an NPR fund drive or anything, but as you know, every bit helps. ♥